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7 Oefeningen die elke BMX’er, MTB’er, wielrenner of andere fietser beter maakt!

  BMX World     02-01-2024  

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MIPS Explained


MIPS Explained More and more bicycle helmets are equipped with MIPS. But what exactly is MIPS? Why should your next helmet be a MIPS helmet? We list the facts for you so you can make the right choice when shopping for your next bike helmet. MIPS MIPS is an acronym for "Multi-directional Impact Protection System." Basically, it means that helmets provide better protection when hitting the head from different angles, thus better preventing brain damage from falls. MIPS is added to bicycle helmets in the form of a low-friction layer between the shell and the helmet liner. This allows the helmet to shift relative to the head upon impact from different angles. Invention In 1995, Swedish brain surgeon Hans von Holst of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm began researching how the bicycle helmet could be improved based on the...

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MO-94 VS Bike Protect VS Silicon Shine

  BMX World     30-05-2021  

MO-94 VS Bike Protect VS Silicon Shine MO-94 VS Bike Protect VS Silicon Shine - WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?  You may have noticed that our the formulated MO-94, Bike Protect and Silicon Shine can be used for similar purposes, which may have some of you scratching your heads and wondering, what's the difference! We get that and we checked it out! Cleaning and maintaining your bike can be pretty complicated! But it doesn't have to be - we're going to help you out! MO-94, Bike Protect and Silicon Shine from Muc-Off are protection and maintenance sprays all designed to protect your bike and its components. The main difference between the three products is the application in which they are used.                          MO-94 MO-94 is an all-around spray. It quickly penetrates...

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  BMX World     12-03-2020  

New at BMX World: RACR Clothing! Racr. is designed by the wife of Toni Cairoli, an italian motocross rider with several world championships to his name.   RACR. is based in Rome, the capital of Italy, where they have designed a collection with a simple, comfortable and cool design, inspired by the lifestyle of Tony Cairoli, all the experiences they have had, the journeys and the encounters they have had. The concept is minimalist, RACR. is what racers like to wear. RACR. is a way to be, to think and to live. It doesn't matter if you race a motorbike, car or bike; if you just like to race your life, we are waiting for you to join the RACR family!     Now available at BMX World.  

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Yess BMX

  BMX World     10-11-2019  

Yess BMX Oh yeah! Eindelijk kunnen wij jullie vertellen dat wij Exclusive Distributor zijn van Yess BMX. Een geweldig mooi merk wat met de hand vervaardigd wordt in Canada. Op dit moment wordt de eerste vracht met frames, vorken en onderdelen gemaakt, gespoten en verzameld en zal de eerste zending waarschijnlijk nog voor het einde van het jaar hier in Nederland zijn. Wil je meer weten? Volg ons dan op Facebook of Instagram. #YessBMX   #shredthetrack   #Yesseurope   #BMXWorld   #BMX   #handmade   #Racing   #Lifestyle   #Bikelove   #love   #awesome   #extremesports

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BMX World is for anyone involved in BMX Racing and/or bike cross for all levels and all ages. Our assortment consists of clothing, protection, bikes, parts, helmets, cross glasses, leisure wear and accessories. But also custom build you can order from us. You will find several well-known brands so you are assured of the very best materials and quality.

In addition, many of our products are also very useful in motocross, freestyle and downhill. If you have questions or can't find something on the website, please feel free to contact us. You can do this by phone, email or whatsapp/Telegram. You are also welcome to come by appointment to look, feel and/or try on.

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